Friday, May 04, 2012

Downton Playlist

With the recent close of Season 2 of Downton Abbey on PBS, while eagerly awaiting Season 3, some of us have to fill our withdrawal with something. With some help from Spotify, I present my solution, the Downton Contemporary (more or less) Music Playlist.  Some of these are so on point you have to wonder if Julian Fellows was just listening to the radio and wrote down whatever he heard.  Sorry for any spoilers, but if you haven't seen it at this point, you are likely either categorically against it and shouldn't care or are being talked into it by friends who have probably already given away all the major plot points already.

  1. Violet Hill - by Coldplay
  2. Mr. Crowley - by Ozzy Osbourne
  3. Mary, Mary - by Chumbawamba
  4. Edith - by Rachael Yamagata
  5. Sybil - by State Radio
  6. Lavinia - by The Veils
  7. Saint Anthony - by Senses Fail
  8. Come Downstairs and Say Hello - by Guster
  9. Carson City - by Chet Baker
  10. Thomas - by A Perfect Circle
  11. Anna Sun - by Walk the Moon
  12. Daisy - by Switchfoot
  13. Mosley - by Wayne Krantz et al.
  14. Typrwriter Girl - by The Lisps
  15. If I Had a Son - by Bad Astronaut
  16. Young Lawyer - by French Kicks 
  17. Lady Turk - by Tritonus
  18. Take Me to the Riot - by Stars
  19. A Little Bit of Soap - by The Jarmels
  20. I'm Too Old for You - by Jack Oblivian
  21. Hotel Hospital - by Damian Jurado
  22. A Single Shot in One Hand - by Blue Tales
  23. Behind Enemy Lines - by Saving Grace
  24. Driver, Suprise Me - by The National
  25. How Stupid Mr. Bates - by The Police
  26. Carlisle Wheeling - by The Monkees
  27. William, It Was Really Nothing - by The Smiths
  28. Walk Like a Man - by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  29. Missing Dogs - by Saintseneca
  30. The Convict And The Rose - by Willie Nelson
  31. Goodbye Earl - by Dixie Chicks
  32. The House that Built Me - by Miranda Lambert
UPDATE: Thanks to The Heart for discovering that Rachael Yamagata has, in fact written a song to an Edith. And with lyrics like "Oh Edith / you murder me / you murder me," the song could almost be sung by Mary. Well, not really. But we'll stick with it anyway.

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